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Are you scared of breaking something you JUST purchased?


No tears of regret will fix them back to normal?


Well.... you can just get a replacement!

At Senheng, we believe in providing the best protection for your purchases. Our 1-to-1 Replacement Warranty ensures you get a brand new product if yours is found defective within 2 years of purchase!

For purchases below RM500, you can add-on our 1-to-1 Replacement Warranty for as low as RM1!


How It Works

Step 1

Take your product to the nearest Senheng outlet so our sales partner can check the condition.


Step 2

Our partner will check and create a service order to submit to our Repair & Service Department (RSD).


Step 3

If repair is possible, that will be done. If confirmed broken and unrepairable, you'll get a brand new replacement!

Don’t miss out on this incredible benefit.
Experience it now!

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