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Easy2Own vs Traditional Purchasing:Boosting Lifestyle Without Bursting Wallets!

Updated: 5 days ago

In the quest for a supreme lifestyle, the financial decisions we make play a crucial role to define it all. Budget constraints often get in the way when you want to upgrade to the latest tech gadgets, furnishing your home, and more. You start to pick your payment methods, and one fatal choice can significantly worsen your overall financial health and well-being. Hence, comes the Easy2Own program that offers a refreshing and flexible alternative in getting your dream items. It is about enjoying ownership through affordable installment plans. To explain better, we will compare the innovative Easy2Own program powered by AEON Credit Service against the traditional lump-sum purchasing, and you can see which can impact your lifestyle, positively or negatively.

Traditional Purchasing is Good but Hard

Traditional purchasing is straightforward. It is commonly known as lump-sum purchasing whereby you pay 100% in one go and the product is all yours. Sounds good? Of course it’s good as you are able to own it at once. But if you do not have the means to buy it, you will not attain it or you will have to drain your life savings just to get an item. Let’s dwell in depth with its advantages and drawbacks of traditional purchasing:


1. Ownership Without Debt

Once you have made full payment, the item is entirely yours without any ongoing financial obligations such as credit card debt or loan.

2. Simple, No Hassle 

All you need to do is a straightforward and quick transaction. There is no need for lengthy contracts, documentation process or payment plans.


1. Immediate Financial Strain

Paying in lump sum especially for higher cost items can strain your finances quickly. This is so for items such as smartphones, electronics, furniture and other home appliances.

2. Limited Purchasing Power

As you need to comply with your financial limitation of the day, this may hinder your immediate purchase for high-quality, essential items. Eventually, you are forced to pick a mid-range or subpar product that will not fulfil your needs entirely.

3. Impact on Savings

If you insist on making large purchases, it could dry off your savings. Leaving you vulnerable to any unexpected expenses or emergencies. Furthermore, you need to save from scratch all over again, which will put you through a tied-up life for the many months to come.

Easy2Own Makes Life Easier

In this world where people want to own it all despite it all, the innovative Easy2Own program (Powered by AEON Credit Service) comes into play. It is a super combo of convenience and smart financial planning, offering a plethora of benefits, affordable and most importantly, letting you own your dream items easier than ever. Come, let’s explore why the Easy2Own scheme is the superior choice:

1. Why Rent When You Can Own?

Renting, in the long term will make you pay more for things that DO NOT BELONG to you, and it feels demotivating. How about paying a ‘rental’ fee to own your favourite items? With the Easy2Own program, you are able to take ownership of your selected items by paying a small ‘rental’ fee for a stipulated number of months. Plus, it includes a bundle of benefits to make your life so much easier. Why settle for renting, when you can own and enjoy the long-term perks, right!?

2. Pay for 36 Months, Enjoy 60 Months of Service

Here comes a standout feature of the Easy2Own scheme; it is highly cost-efficient as you are able to spread the cost over 36 months, making it easier on your wallet. What’s more, you get to enjoy 60 months or 5 years of service that includes maintenance and warranties. This payment method offers unparalleled value for money, giving you the most out of your investment.

3. Promo Voucher: Enjoy Up to RM450 Rebate

Who doesn't love a good deal? With the Easy2Own program, you can enjoy up to RM450 in rebates through promotional vouchers. This significant saving allows you to save on the service fee, whereby your goods will be serviced without breaking your wallet. This helps you to enhance your home easier.

4. Easy on the Wallet: As Low As RM84/Month

Budgeting is a breeze with the Easy2Own program. With monthly payments as low as RM84, you can comfortably fit the amount in your monthly financial planning. This affordability means you can enhance your lifestyle without sacrificing other essentials or activities you love. Enjoying an upgraded lifestyle without financial burden is the aspiration for everyone to own everything.

5. Peace of Mind: Delivery, Installation, Warranty, & Maintenance

Easy2Own is beyond financial benefits. It offers an all-in-one convenience package that includes delivery, installation, warranty, and maintenance. This comprehensive service ensures that you can sit back and relax while everything is taken care of. From the moment you have made your purchase, your new product will be ready for delivery, on to its installation and ongoing maintenance. Indeed, every step is designed to give you maximum convenience and peace of mind.

The Verdict: Upgrade Your Life the Smart Way

Here comes the decisive moment, the traditional lump-sum purchasing has its advantages but it is suitable for those who have an enormous amount of cash ready with them at all times. On the other hand, the Easy2Own benefits are more practical for the general masses. Easy-to-Own makes high-quality products accessible through affordable monthly payments, along with a range of services to enhance your overall experience. 

Don’t wait! Quickly, head over to Senheng and purchase any selected product under the Easy2Own program using AEON Credit Service and start enjoying the benefits of a smarter, more convenient-cum-affordable ownership. Transform your life without financial stress, and experience the satisfaction that comes with making the smartest choice!

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